1. Enter “Listing Name” (=Name of spot or what you are selling for ads. Example of private ad).
  2. Enter address or place in “Location“. If needed, drag red marker to spot. It is not possible to click on new map position to move the marker, you must “drag” it. “Lock Pin Location” to enter address without moving marker. Press the cross-hair, if visible, in Location to get your current location.
  3. All other fields are optional and can be skipped, but a photo is nice to add (photos and other info can be added later if you are logged in before Add new)
  4. Press Submit Listing at bottom
  5. View your new listing by clicking link showed after Submit. Or display/maintain your listings on the My Items Page (if you were logged in before Add new). Or use the site search to find it.

Or just email info to info@myskatespots.com and we create/remove/change.
Not a must to Sign in, but to later remove/change spots/ads you created on your own, then, before Submit, Sign in or fill in “Your email”.
Press “Claim Listing” on an existing listing to get it assigned to you as administrator/owner, or send a claim request to info@myskatespots.com.

How to get paid

Press browser back button or open new Add new page