Best skate videos for free

My favorite skate videos, most of them can be watched for free, the majority on Youtube.

All links checked 2020-07-05 from Sweden (some of these videos are taken down after a while or are blocked in some countries).

Skateboard hardware

Fastest Skateboard Wheels, Bearings, and Bearing Spacers
What is ABEC / Swiss / Ceramic Bearings
Durometer – Hard vs Soft Skateboard Wheels
How to Choose Skateboard Wheels | Tactics
How to Choose Skateboard Deck

Female skaters

GREATEST FEMALE SKATERS OF ALL TIME (Leticia Bufoni, Sky Brown, Elissa Steamer, etc.)
MasterClass Presents Tony Hawk’s NBD/Best Trick Challenge: Women’s Finals
Sky Brown takes worst fall on Tony Hawk’s vert ramp Before My Fall | PLEASE VOTE! | Sky Brown
Sky Brown Overcomes Fall to Become Youngest Olympian Skateboarder / Drew Barrymore Show

Pool / Bowl

Tony Alva talks pool skating
The Tony Alva Story | Jeff Grosso’s Loveletters to Skateboarding | Skate | VANS
Peacock’s Top 10 – Pooling Around – by theskateboardmag channel.
Charlie Blair, Brad McClain, Ben Hatchell & Landon Belcher Ripping Trannies
Supreme Bowl Session: GT, Raney, Rowan, Cody and Raven 0 flip tricks!

Lance Mountain

Flip Extremely Sorry – Lance Mountain
Nike SB Chronicles, Vol. 3 | Lance Mountain
Pooling Around: Hosted by Lance Mountain
Lance Mountain 1st Place Legends Run 2016 | Vans Pool Party | VANS
Lance Mountain on Facebook: Page and The cult group.

Ben Raybourn

Ben Raybourn | COLD CALL 2022 (YT), Instagram
Ben Raybourn | PUSH
Ben Raybourn’s Full Part From Dusted
Ben Raybourn, Welcome to Birdhouse Skateboards

The Combi Pool

Park info page

2017 Vans Pool Party

Pro Highlights | VANS
Steve Caballero Tied Winning Run
Clay Kreiner’s 3rd Place Run
Finals by Thrasher
Live Broadcast | Vans (can be seen afterwards)

2016 Vans Pool Party

Pool Party 2016 (Full 7h)
What You Didn’t Know About the Vans Pool Party | Jeff Grosso’s Loveletters to Skateboarding | VANS
Pool Party – Cardiel Draws Lines

Clay Kreiner

Clay Kreiner’s “Delusional” Part
Clay Kreiner’s “Madness” Part
Incredible huge gap transfer in the combi pool. See Clay Kreiner win the 2016 Vert Attack in Malmö on Woodward mission and vs the 900.
Clay almost pulled off the gnarliest trick the Combi Bowl has ever seen…(2017-05-14)

Pedro Barros

Pedro Barros Year’s Best Transfer at Vans Pool Party
Pedro Barros Part 1
Pedro Barros Part 2

Greyson Fletcher

Greyson Fletcher, taking skating to new levels! Riding for Element in General Pants Co. Bowl-A-Rama 2016
Greyson Fletcher’s “In Perdition” Part
Nike’s “Lord of the Pies” Video

VANS Huntington Beach Skatepark – the best skatepark in the world

Vans x Star Wars | Skate | VANS and Behind the Scenes with Steve Caballero.
Park info: Huntington Beach Skatepark

VANS Kroksbäck skatepark – best bowl in Sweden

World Championships Men’s Highlights – Malmo | 2016 Vans Pro Skate Park Series
Park info: Kroksbäck skatepark

Alex Sorgente

World Championships Men’s – Alex Sorgente 1st Place Run – Malmo | 2016 Vans Pro Skate Park Series
5 for 5: Alex Sorgente Puts Up 5 Transition Tricks
Ruling the Bowl | Gillette World Sport

Rune Glifberg

Rune Glifberg’s Epic ‘In Transition’ Part at Fælledparken Skatepark, Copenhagen.

Chris Russel

Best of, American Psycho, SPF Bones Commercial, In Transition, Hall of Meat, 2017 Creature Video on iTunes , Creature tour 2017 video on Youtube.

Kikuchi Taisei

Japanese wonderkid Kikuchi Taisei riding bowl


Jimmy Wilkins at Tony Hawks. if you could fly
Clay Kreiner’s “Madness” Part
Tony Hawk lands world’s first 900 on a skateboard at X Games — 20th year anniversary
Tonys Hawk’s 900 with more behind the scenes filming
Tony Hawk (2011-2016) / Depeche Mode
Shaun White’s winning run X-games Vert 2011
Jocke Olsson Airlines : Vert Skateboarding in Fryshuset Skatepark. Park info: Fryshuset Skatepark
Jocke Olsson, Pitbox, Långt ner i böjen(2008)
Mathias Ringström: Subject to change – Osiris Video, The Storm, Quiksilver Evol Skateboards – Still Life
Quiksilver All 80’s All Day Vert Challenge – January 7th, 2011
Danny Way DC – The DC Video


Bob Burnquist’s “Dreamland”: A Backyard Progression(Flume audio on Youtube), Bob in Extremely Sorry, Grand Canyon jump, Floating miniramp, Bob Burnquist: BEING | X Games Minneapolis 2018.
Jake Brown Slams to the Ground During Skateboard Big Air – X Games 13
Danny Way Takes Some Nasty Falls But Finishes Every Run in Skateboard Big Air – X Games 14


cheese and crackers Chris Haslam & Daewon SongDaewon in Berrics Transition.
Absurdly Ridiculous Miniramp Skating

Powell Peralta: Skateboard Sessions

Mini Ramping Juni 2020: Brad McClain, Ben Hatchell, Landon Belcher, Vincent Luevanos, and Andy Anderson
Orchid: Mini Ramp I, Mini Ramp II, Micro Ramp


Aaron Jaws Homoki

Jaws’ True Blue Retrospect Video – Thrasher Magazine
Bob Burnquist – Big Drop In

Jaws vs the Lyon 25

Jaws vs the Lyon 25 – Thrasher Magazine
Ali Boulala – The Original Baker Boy [ALL FOUR PARTS]

Spine Transfer

Steve Caballero

Powell Peralta – Ban This: Steve Caballero


@rogerkaneko boardslide down the hill

Jeff Grosso – boardsliding

Jeff Grosso 24 Brick Rock-n-Roll Boardslide Vans Combi Bowl 2010-03-03 on Gnarly Chewed up coping
Slide N Roll | Jeff Grosso’s Loveletters to Skateboarding | VANS


Rodney Mullen in Bones Brigade AutobiographyBEING: Rodney Mullen | X Games
Powell Peralta Skateboard Stories – Andy Andersson, Canadian Nationals 2020: First freestyle run, Bowl 1st place run
Powell Peralta Presents: Andy Anderson Skateboarding 2020-12-25
Killian Martin: Searching Sirocco, Street freestyle skateboarder. Arts on wheels:

Downhill / Hill bombing

Loveletters season 9: Downhill
RIDE Channel: How-To Skateboarding: Hill Bombing with Dave Abair
Brazilian Bomber, Fernando Yuppie
The Hill Bombing Skateboarders of San Francisco | The New Yorker The Signal Hill Speed Run


TRASHERS: Handrail Hell


Michal Juras’ 22 board long ollie

Odd skating

Movie Mountain’s great clay stop motion animated pool skating
High ‘N’ Dry – Skating closed Aqua park – Tony Hawk, Clay Kreiner, Riley Hawk, Lizzy, Jaws, Daewon Song…
Absurdly Ridiculous Miniramp Skating
Richie Jackson’s Death Skateboards Part , MOST CREATIVE SKATER
Gou Miyagi
Wonder Woman – The Skateboard Whiz
Eli Reed’s Skateboarding Fantasy at the Playboy Mansion
World’s largest skateboard – Guinness World Records
World’s Largest Skateboard Disaster – Woodward PA
Top 10 Insane Moments in Skateboarding History (mostly vert- and megaramp and 900s)
Fails, bloopers, crashes
Family Guy – Peter Griffin’s GoPro Skate Video
Killian Martin: Searching Sirocco, Street freestyle skateboarder. Arts on wheels:

Life stories

Lee Ralph, the skateboarder who vanished | Scratched: Aotearoa’s Lost Sporting Legends | The SpinoffBarefoot – The Lee Ralph StoryYoung Lee Ralph skating vert

Jeff Grosso’s Love Letters To Skateboarding

Playlist by VANS
Other playlist
@grossosucks at Savannah Slamma II in 1988. The straitjacket 360 slide is fucking tremendous
Jeff Grosso on Facebook: Page and The cult group.
Jeff Grosso – Black View
Jeff Grosso R.I.P. 1968-2020

Full length

N-MEN: THE UNTOLD STORY (, Youtube: N-Men: The Untold Story | Skateboarders Documentary | Full Movie | Tony Hawk, Vimeo Rent:54SEK, Amazon Prime Rent:$2
2017 Creature Video
Rick Howard – Return of the Flare (This is a remix of the Lakai team’s web footage from 2013-2017). The real and full “The Flare” is here on iTunes. The old and full and free Fully Flared from 2008 is here.
Amazon: Gleaming The Cube 1989 full movie (Christian Slater)
Christian Slater and Tony Hawk discuss Gleaming the Cube, Skate scenes only
Grind – Full Movie (2003) on AppleTV or Amazon (not available in all countries)
Amazon: We Are Skateboarders FULL MOVIE, or on iTunes
Street Dreams – Full Movie – Paul Rodriguez, Rob Dyrdek & Terry Kennedy – Berkela Films [HD] (2009)
WHO CARES – The Duane Peters Story, Duane Peters’ Youtube channel DPDisaster
Rising Son The Legend Of Skateboarder Christian Hosoi Full Documentary, Christian Hosoi in commercial for Swedish knäckebröd from the 90s
I Am: Danny Way, Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5
Stoked The Rise And Fall Of Gator
RODNEY MULLEN | From the ground up | Full Biography 720p HD
Steve Rocco | The Man Who Souled The World | Full Documentary (2007) with Per Holknekt at 13:00.and Per Holknekt skates at contest 1984 in San Francisco
Girl and Chocolate’s Amazon: Pretty Sweet Full Skate Video (2012), and on Youtube (blocked in some countries)
Amazon: All This Mayhem on Netflix Brothers Ben and Tas Pappas 2014

Pay for

The Flare (iTunes), Trailer (YouTube)
The L.A. Boys (2016)
2017 Creature Video on iTunes , Now Free on Youtube Full 2017 Creature Video
Made in Venice on iTunes, Amazon, Google PlayTrailer, 2 minutes Jesse Martinez,
mid90s on Amazon or rent on Youtube

Bones Brigade:An Autobiography

Red Bull TV Free!
Buy it from
Bad quality on Youtube

Lords of Dogtown (2005)

The making of Lords of Dogtown
Pay 29SEK to Sony on Youtube

We are Blood

Trailer on Youtube Rent 4 USD, Buy 10 USD 39 SEK – On demand, 1080 HD 113 SEK – On demand, 4K Ultra HD 117 SEK

Right to Exist (2016 HD) Santa Cruz; Steve Alba, Jason Jessee…

Youtube – free & full
iTunes (58SEK)
Vimeo (98SEK)

Old videos

Hobie Super Surfer (1964)
Hard Waves / Soft Wheels 1977 – Early 70’s skate : Florida skateboard parks + California footage
Skateboard Kings (1978) Full Documentary
Skateboard Madness 1980
H-Street: Shackle Me Not(1988)On RIDE Channel: H-Street – Shackle Me Not (Full) Matt Hensley, Danny Way, Tony Magnusson
H-Street: HOKUS POKUS (1989) – Matt Hensley
Savannah Slamma – Skateboard Contest 1987 – Full Video, Jeff Grossos funny part.
MTV History of Skateboarding – Part 1
MTV History of Skateboarding – Part 2
Street Skating 101: Natas Kaupas (1988)
Blind Skateboards – Video Days (1991) (Spike Jonze, Mark Gonzales…)

Dogtown and Z-Boys (no full free version found, except on

Trailer: DOGTOWN & Z-BOYS | Beginnings of the skateboard pool riding
Dogtown and Z-Boys (2001) on

Dogtown and z-boys (only part 1-3 of 8 and german sub texts)

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

Tony Hawk – Birdhouse

Feasters – Birdhouse Skateboard’s First Video (1992)
The Beginning
The Best of The Beginning by Ride Channel
Tony Hawk in Simpssons
Birdhouse “Saturdays” Official Trailer 2017-06-09 Rent the full version on iTunes. Rent full version on Google Play.

Powell Peralta

Bones Brigade 1: The Bones Brigade Video Show (1984)
Bones Brigade 2: Future Primitive (1985)
Bones Brigade 3: The Search For Animal Chin (1987),  The Oral History of ‘The Search for Animal Chin’
Skating by the Bones Brigade in Police Academy 4 (1987)
Animal Chin 30 years later(2016)
Playlists: Woodward’s 30 Years of Animal Chin,  Ride Channel’s Playlist 1-4
Building The Chin Ramp 1/4
Tony Hawk, Steve Caballero, Mike McGill & Lance Mountain 2/4
Recreating The Invert Photo 3/4
The Chin Sessions 4/4
Rebuilding the ChinRamp 30 yeras later(Woodward)
Bones Brigade 4: Public Domain (1988)
Bones Brigade 5: Axe Rated (1988)
Bones Brigade 6: Ban This (1989)
Bones Brigade 7: Propaganda (1990)
Bones Brigade 7.5
Bones Brigade 8: Eight (1991) (Playlist at Powell), Bones Brigade 8: Eight

Santa Cruz

Wheels of fire (1987)
Santa Cruz – Streets On Fire (1989)
Santa Cruz – Speed Freaks – full video 1989
Right To Exist (2016)

Mount Trashmore 1985

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5

Rage in the Badlands 1985

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5

Del Mar 1986 Pro Jam

Part 1, Part 2
Tony Hawk skates Del Mar Skate Ranch in 2015


Sorry (Full-2002, YT-playlist)
Really Sorry or Really Sorry – using playlist
Flip Skateboards – Extremely Sorry (2009)

Swedish – Svenskrelaterade skatevideos Automobilen: Det övergivna skatemonumentet 2024-03-10 – 2028-03-09(kan ses till) Oski – en olympisk skateboardsaga 2022-05-15
Youtube: Skatetävling i klassiska trappan vid Slussen – Ride (TV4Sport) 2014-05-07
THE SOUR SOLUTION II norsk/svensk 2019
“The Skateboarding of Leandre Sanders And Ludvig Håkansson” A film by Jim Greco, and  “Jim Greco’s “Jobs? Never!!” Film med Ludvig Håkansson från Borås
Den Tredje Vågen, Svensk skateboard – dokumentär
Street style 30 year Ali Boulala – ärren på insidan 2022-08-28 – 2024-11-30(kan ses till)
Ali Boulala: Jag ville bara flyga på min skateboard – Ride (TV4 Sport), Podcasts: Beroendepodden: Ali Boulala Skateboard legenden- Tillfrisknande BeroendeSju lager av livet: Ali Boulala
Ali Boulala – The Original Baker Boy [ALL FOUR PARTS] (not in Swedish, but about a swede)
Brews TV – Being Boulala Episode 1 och Episode 2
New Sport House – Stockholm 1978
Skating with Legends Steve Caballero, Mike McGill, Kevin Staab, Christian Hosoi and Tony Magnusson 2020-12-28 Inte helt hundra med Johnny Sandberg & Janne Loftén, Trailer: Inte helt 100
Eurocana Reunion 2016
PROMO: RADIUS – a film about a Skateboard ramp, RADIUS movie info and possibility to Back it!
Christian Hosoi i reklamfilm för Wasa-knäckebröd från 90-talet
1997 VERT Super session, SwedenSupersession Raw footage by Jonas-yoda Wikström
Varför har inte skateboarden utvecklas? – Ride (TV4Sport)
Svenskt reportage om skateboardåkning under 80-talet. [Edge] ZTV
Grodperspektiv Skateboard 1980 Jörgen, Göran, Jimmy, Stefan och Tomas pratar om skateboard 1980
Gösta Ekman / Papphammar – Fartens tjusning
Björn gustavsson som Benjamin testar skateboard
Solsidan: Alex plockar fram sin skateboard för första gången på 20 år
Magnum Bonum – Skateboard (bl.a. från New Sport House)
Sten & Stanley – Skateboard
JIGS: Goa bitar 7 – Skateboard (Youtube – no video), on Spotify
Kjell Vidars – Skateboard (Norsk musik)

Hooked for life

Några klipp ur filmen
Förhandsvisning (Blockerad i Sverige)

Nedanstående fanns till 2021 på, men SVT håller på att flytta till Öppet arkiv
Mailade och fick följande svar 2021-05-10:
Tack för ditt mejl! Det stämmer att det klippet inte finns tillgängligt nu.
Öppet arkiv-sajten var gammal och behövde mycket underhåll. Därför för vi nu över programmen till SVT Play. Det är en hel del arbete kvar att göra, och klippen förs, av tekniska skäl, inte över automatiskt utan måste göras manuellt. Vi är en väldigt liten redaktion och kan tyvärr inte säga när alla program förts över, men vi skriver upp ditt önskemål på åtgärdslistan.
Vänliga hälsningar Redaktionen för Öppet arkiv”
De flesta fanns även på privata Youtube-konton, men de begärde SVT att de skulle blockeras så de finns inte där heller längre…
Fjortonårslandet (1979 (öppetarkiv)
ABC Skateboard – fluga på nytt (1988)
SVT Öppet arkiv: Aktuellt – Rullbräda – en sport som breder ut sig

Swedish skate podcasts
Sju lager av livet av Sveriges Skateboardförbund on Soundcload or iTunes.
Beroendepodden: Ali Boulala Skateboard legenden- Tillfrisknande Beroende

How to / Learn skateboarding

RIDE Channel: How-To Skateboarding
Chad Caruso’s How to videos mostly miniramp tricks
Braille Skateboarding mostly street tricks
Berrics How To… mostly street tricks


Tony Hawk (2011-2016) / Depeche Mode
Devo – Freedom Of Choice (Video) with Z-Boys.
Sonic Youth – 100%
Tom Petty – Free Fallin’ with Devon Kidd and Gator.
Magnum Bonum – Skateboard old and Swedish (bl.a. från New Sport House)
Sten & Stanley – Skateboard old and Swedish
POSSESSED TO SKATE Suicidal Tendencies 1987, Redux 2012
Suicidal Tendencies – You Can’t Bring Me Down
Suicidal Tendencies – “Institutionalized” Frontier Records
The Shrine x Dogtown Skate Deck Collab “I Can’t Control It”
H-Street Skateboards Kirk and the Jerks – To Be A Hero
Tony Hawk Pro Skater Soundtracks 1-4


Jerry Seinfeld on Skateboarding
Skateboard vs kickbike

Channels and Playlists

Camp Woodward Season 8 (starting with the great episode ‘Meet CJ Collins’)
The Berrics playlist: PUSH
The Berrics playlist: In Transition – 2015
The Berrics
Transworld SKATEboarding
Playlist: VANS Skate
Pooling Around – theskateboardmag
The RIDE Channel
How to – The RIDE Channel
X-Games Skateboarding PlayList, World of X Games: Best of X Games 2018


All playlists
Playlist: Hall of meat – Trasher
Playlist: Bru-Ray – Trasher
Playlist: Trasher Classics
Playlist: Vans Park Series
Playlist: Events and contests
Playlist: Firing Line

Trasher full length

Worble and Cobra Man’s “Worble III” Video 35 minutes crazy street skating, gnarly slams, great music. Must see!!!

Skate video sites